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As you all know, this is an unprecedented and constantly evolving situation that nobody has ever been in before. As we continue to fight for our rights and freedoms that are quickly being stripped away by our local, state, and federal government, our tactics and techniques must evolve to overcome the barrage of hurtles that are constantly getting thrown our way. In the latest legal roadblock that we are currently up against, any government claim form that is being filed against a city, county, local governmental entity or employee, cannot be filed with the state government, it must be filed locally. See statement below:

Do not file a claim with the Government Claims Program

If the case involves a county, city or other local governmental entity or employee, the claim should be filed directly with the local city or county's governing board or clerk. Please contact the city or county directly for information on how to file a claim with the specific entity.



The solution to this predicament is that every county/city has their own local claims form that must be picked up or downloaded from their website and filed with that local office. In the case for Mendocino County, here is the claims form to download. It comes with a set of instructions to help fill it out. The office location to deliver the form is:

Executive Office - Risk Management
501 Low Gap Road Rm. 1010
Ukiah, CA 95482

It is recommended to hand deliver your completed claim form to your local office and request a stamp of acceptance from the receiving party. If you mail it in, make sure to send by certified mail for your records. If the claim is denied, it can then be filed as a lawsuit.

Here is a sample claim form for Mendocino County

Sample Claim

We apologize for any confusion or frustration with this change in claim submission instruction. Believe us when we say we are just as tired and frustrated with the whole process and the constant switching of information. This has been a trial and error project that has been a learning process for all of us involved, including our lawyers! We have been in constant contact with multiple lawyers and are working hard to supply you with updated information as we learn it ourselves. We are in the fight of our lives, our enemies will try to pull every shady trick in the book to thwart our efforts. With continued perseverance and dedication, we will prevail! Keep up the good fight.

Mendocino County Claims Form




Los Angeles




San Diego






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