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Informational videos regarding the Bonds for the Win process on retaining surety bonds/insurance policies for public officials, school districts, counties, and cities. 

Ukiah Unified School District February 10th 2022 Board Meeting - Serving the Lawful Notice

School District Speech and the Lawful Notice and Demand - Templates

Important: Please note these are templates to work off of, YOU MUST adjust the wordage accordingly to the names of your public officials and location information. This letter of intent was written for the public officials in Mendocino County. Please go through and read all the pages and make the appropriate changes before serving your public officials. Do not just copy and paste, it will get you no where and will make you look incompetent if you serve your school board or public officials without making the necessary changes.

Lawful Notice

Proof of Service

California School District Violations and California Education Codes

If you are looking for school district violations please look at the copy of the speech that was read to our  School District in Mendocino County on the night we served the lawful notice. It contains all of the school specific California Education codes. Again, please note this is a template, read through the pages and make the necessary adjustments to your specific location.

School District Speech -  District Violations and California Education Codes



Oaths of Office and Form 700s

Mendocino County Board of Supervisors, Sheriff, school superintendent, and county CEO oaths of office.

Oaths of Office Download here

Form 700s for Mendocino County Board of Supervisors, County CEO, and District Attorney

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