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The Pfizer Inoculations Do More Harm Than Good

The accompanying powerpoint file to the Canadian Covid Care Alliance video

The FDA knew of many adverse side effects from the Covid-19 vaccines before they were administered to the general public. The slide below was taken from an FDA document from October 22, 2020 and provides a list of possible adverse event outcomes related to the Covid-19 vaccines.

Source: "Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee October 22,2020 Meeting Presentation".

FDA Safety Surveillance of Covid-19 Vaccines.png

FDA Released Document Lists 1,291 Adverse Events to the Vax

The FDA was forced to release the beginning of March 2022 a 38-page report titled “5.3.6 Cumulative Analysis of Post-Authorization Adverse Event Reports of PF-07302048 (BNT162B2) Received Through 28-Feb-2021.”

This document, which was marked by Pfizer as “proprietary and confidential,” and warned of possible legal action if released without the Big Pharma company’s consent, goes into detail regarding how many people have experienced adverse events after taking the company’s experimental mRNA vaccine.

The document has an appendix that is nine pages long and lists 1,291 different adverse events associated with the Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine. This extremely lengthy list has a whole host of different medical conditions that the Pfizer vaccine can cause, including acute kidney injury, neonatal death, deep vein thrombosis, epileptic psychosis, facial paralysis, liver injury, stillbirth, temporal lobe epilepsy, type 1 diabetes and vertebral artery thrombosis.


​Full article with links and resources here:

Whilst you were distracted by the Battle for Ukraine, Documents were published confirming Moderna created the Covid-19 Virus

Vaccine-Injuries SKYROCKET: Two Months into 2022, Vaccine-Related Myocarditis Reports in VAERS Have Surged to Nearly Half the Total Reported in 2021



VAERS myocarditis already 47% of 2021 in just first 2 months of 2022

Wall Street Analyst Edward Dowd reveals that the CDC's own data indicates 61,000 millennials -- people from ages 25 to 44 -- have died after the implementation of vaccine mandates. This is approximately the same number of solders that died during the during the Vietnam War (58,000). "This is death by government mandate -- democide!"

Edward Dowd: 2.5 To 3 Million Germans Have Been Injured By COVID Vaccines

Board Member Of Large German Insurance Company Blows The Whistle On Covid Vaccines

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Covid-19 Vaccines Under Criminal Investigation. Case no: 6029679/21

Over One Thousand Scientific Studies Prove That the COVID-19 Vaccines Are Dangerous, and All Those Pushing This Agenda Are Committing the Indictable Crime of Gross Misconduct in Public Office

PFIZER'S APPENDIX 1. EXPLOSIVE LIST OF ADVERSE EVENTS OF SPECIAL INTEREST A list of Pfizers 100s and 100s of adverse events of concern submitted to the FDA for EUA approval.

"This Is a Mass Murder Event" ~ Naomi Wolf Interviews Edward Dowd About Pfizer FRAUD

Vaccine Makers Liability Protection Is At Risk Because Of Fraud

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