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How Much Money Has Our Schools and Hospitals Collected To Push the Covid Narrative?

AJ DePriest uncovers the enormous covid bribes to all education and hospitals from the US government. Watch the interview video on BitChute to find just how much money these institutions have been given.

AJ DePriest - Billions given in Covid bribes to Schools and Hospitals

2022 California Legislation

SB871 - Requires all kids to be vaxxed for C-19 (public/private)

SB2539 - Requires proof of vax to enter public/private businesses

SB866 - Allows 12+ to consent to vax without parental consent or knowledge

SB1479 - Requires schools to continue testing, contact-tracing and quarantine protocols

SB1464 - Requires law enforcement to enforce public health orders

AB1993 - Requires all employees to be vaxxed against C-19

AB1797 - Requires changes to California Immunization Registry

AB2098 - Reclassify sharing of C-19 misinformation by doctors as unprofessional conduct resulting in disciplinary action

SB920 - Authorizes medical board investigators to inspect businesses including patient medical records

SB1100 - Authorizes members of legislative body to remove an individual for interrupting a meeting

How much federal covid money did our local schools receive?

covid info.JPG
local school aid.JPG

EdSource - Check out the data by clicking on this link and typing in Mendocino in the search bar.

Ukiah Unified School District, like almost every other school district in the State of California, has taken the federal bribe money in return for keeping our children masked, social distanced, quarantined, isolated, and now pushing the dangerous Covid-19 vaccines. As the AJ DePriest video explained above, the ESSER III (American Rescue Plan Act Elementary and Secondary School Relief Fund) offered school districts the most amount of "free money" if they submitted a safety plan on how they would be implementing Covid-19 mandates on their employees and students.

Certification and Agreement for Funding under the Education Stabilization Fund Program Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER Fund) - Download ESSER Fund PDF here

Here is the ESSER LEA template form filed by Katie Sommer, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services of Mendocino County. Pay special notice to Page 3 section 2. Masking, contact tracing and vaccines... Our children's health and education is being traded for millions of dollars!


Here is the UUSD COVID-19 Safety Plan 11-29-2021 in order to receive the millions of dollars in bribe money.

Linked here is the UUSD website with additional resources regarding this Safety Plan.

Here is the Ukiah Unified School District's Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan that needed to be submitted to show how the covid funds would be used. Appendix O of this document shows the enormous sums of money used for various covid related measures applied in our school districts.

This letter is a collaborative efforts of school boards around the state that are challenging covid protocols and mandates - please get this into the hands of all local educators! Return to Local Decision-Making Authority and Reconsideration of Proposed Vaccination Mandate

Protection of the Educational Rights of Kids (PERK) Comprehensive 550+ references about the MRNA shot. All parents elected officials, school officials, and employers should read this report!

The Shot Heard Around the World


COVID-19: A Second Opinion - Expert Panel January 24, 2022

Sen. Ron Johnson moderates a panel discussion, COVID-19: A Second Opinion. A group of world renowned doctors and medical experts provide a different perspective on the global pandemic response, the current state of knowledge of early and hospital treatment, vaccine efficacy and safety, what went right, what went wrong, what should be done now, and what needs to be addressed long term. More at

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